Features Name of features Data/Results
MODE AND APPEARANCE Positive Translucent (Power off)
Translucent (Power on)
Color Clear, Light Blue, Milky, Red, Yellow, Black
Thickness 0.120mm
Size Flexible and up to 1.2m x 3.5m
Transparency < 83.0%
Visible Light reflection Rate < 1.5%
Viewing Angle > 160° at Clear Stage
360°C Viewable for Projection Viewing Angle
Independent rightness for both side
ELECTRIC PERFORMANCE Driving Voltage 60±10 V (AC, 50/60Hz, less than 1.0m x 2.5m)
Current 0.20 (A/m2)
Energy Consumption 1.25 (Watt/m2)
Response Time < 0.05 sec Starting Time
< 0.1 sec Closing Time
PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE Operation Temperature -25°C to 65°C
Storage Temperature -50°C to 70°C
Operational Lifetime > 3,000,000 (Switching Times)
RAYNO vs Others
Features RAYNO A Brand
B Brand
Structure Sponge Capsule Capsule
Thickness 120μm 400μm 400μm
Haze(%) ON 3 6 6±0.5
OFF 95.6 86 75±5
Power consumption (W/㎡) 1.2 3.5 7.0
Total light Transmittance(%) ON 86.4 86 85±5
OFF 73.8 78 83±0.5
Usable temperature(℃) -25~65 0~60 -10~60
Max size(W×L/mm) 1,200 x 3,500 990×2,750 980×2,600
What only RAYNO can do
Features RAYNO A Brand
B Brand
Low voltage drive X X
Application to cylindrical shape X X
Color film X X
Delivery as roll X X

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